East Valley Young Marines, Mesa, AZ

"Strengthening the lives of America's Youth"

The East Valley Young Marines meet

Every Tuesday evening from 6-8:15 pm



MESA, AZ 85213

Please visit us at your convenience to observe our Young Marines in action!

For more information, call our office at: 

Dana Lippincott: 480-737-0517

Frank “Gunny” Alger: 480-570-4032

For further information about the Young Marines program worldwide,

visit the National Website at:


Qualifications for Youth Membership

Current youth members or applicants for youth membership must meet the following qualifications:

1.  Youth membership is open to all youth between the ages of 8 - 18 or completion of high school, whichever is later, not to exceed 20 years of age.

         a.  If you turn 18 but have not graduated high school you are eligible to remain in the program until the date of graduation.

         b.   If you have graduated high school but have not turned 18, you are eligible to remain in the program until your 18th birthday.

2.  The youth must have written consent from a parent or legal guardians submit parental/guardian consent form as required for all minors.

3.  A copy of a birth certificate is required for all youth, a social security number is required for all youth.

4.  Young Marines must have physicals updated annually.

5.  Young Marines must be actively enrolled in public, private or certified home school and in good standing. 

6.  Must have NEVER been CONVICTED of a felony or misdemeanor evolving weapons or child abuse.

7.  Subscribe to all the objectives and purposes of the Young Marines.

8.  Pay all fees and dues as my be prescribed by the Young Marines board of Directors.

                                       HISTORY OF THE YOUNG MARINES 
A group of dedicated Marine Corps League members formed the Young Marines of Waterbury, Connecticut
The original Waterbury unit had swelled from just a handful of boys to a first-class youth program numbering in excess of 300 youth.
The program guidelines were changed to allow females to participate so that all youth could benefit.
The Young Marines were granted the status of a youth educational organization.
The U.S. Marine Corps officially recognized the Young Marines as the focal organization for their contribution to the Youth Drug Demand Reduction efforts.
The Young Marine organization went international with the forming of units in Okinawa, Japan.
Currently there are over 300 Young Marine units. Nationwide there are over 14,000 Young Marines and 2,200 adult volunteer staff members. There are 4 international units in Okinawa, Japan.

Organization Background

In today's world, there are many opportunities for young Americans to be led astray into crime, drug use, poor academic performance, as well as other vices. In the Young Marines, peer pressure is exerted toward wholesome ends such as school work, sports, physical fitness and other school and community activities.

As part of the national effort to "stem the tide" of drug use, the National Defense Authorization Act of 1993 tasked the Secretary of Defense with the establishment of programs aimed at reducing the demand for illegal drugs. The U.S. Marine Corps' response was to officially recognize the Young Marines in July 1993, as the focal organization for the Marine Corps' contribution to Youth Drug Demand Reduction efforts. The East Valley Young Marines is an IRS approved 501c(3) tax exempt youth educational organization.

The Young Marine units are run by dedicated adult volunteers. Adult leaders are individually screened by the National Headquarters based on background information and recommendations provided with each person's registration.

Since the Young Marines' humble beginnings in 1959 with one unit and a handful of boys, the organization has grown to 280 units with 7,000 youth and 2,500 adult volunteers in 40 states, the District of Columbia and Okinawa with affiliates in other countries.